Los Angeles Rams

Neal ElAttrache, MD is the Head Team Physician for the Los Angeles Rams
  • Rams' Cooper Kupp Making Great Progress After ACL Surgery

    Ben Roethlisberger Undergoes Surgery
    "It’s a little crazy,” said Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who performed the ACL reconstruction. “We’ve never had this GPS data until the last few years, but I can tell you that’s typically not the way it goes the first year back. He’s surprising everybody."
    October 2019 | Los Angeles Times ›
  • Dr. Neal ElAttrache Keeps the Rams Healthy Enough to Reach the Super Bowl

    Tom Brady
    "As their physician, Neal ElAttrache dispensed medical advice that kept the Rams healthy enough to reach the Super Bowl."
    January 2019 | Los Angeles Times ›
  • Surgeon Neal ElAttrache Helps Rams and Dodgers get Back on the Field After Injuries

    Los Angeles Times
    "As the head physician of the Rams and Dodgers, ElAttrache expects busy days in October. This day was especially so."
    January 2019 | Los Angles Times ›


Neal ElAttrache, MD has done extensive research and product development leading to US Patents for arthroscopic devices, orthopedic devices, and implants commonly used in rotator cuff, labrum, tendon, and ligament surgery.