Dr. Neal ElAttrache mentioned as a top surgeon in football

A closer look at what happens when an NFL player suffers a knee injury that may result in knee surgery and rehab. Dr. Neal ElAttrache is mentioned as one of the top surgeons in the game. Will Carroll and All 22 take a closer look at the process.

Will Carroll writes, “The injury is usually apparent. We’ve all become armchair diagnosticians, and Allen crumpling to the ground comes with the realization of ‘oh no, ACL.’ The same is true on the field. If the athletic trainer doesn’t see it, the coaches and other players do."

Then, referring to Dr. Neal ElAttrache, "Surgery is about getting on the schedule. If the player elects to have the surgery done by the team physician, that can be done quickly, but often, they want to get in with one of the top surgeons in the game. It doesn’t take too long for a pro player to get an appointment with a James Andrews or Neal ElAttrache, but it’s not instant. Add in travel, and there’s often a delay of a week or more. That doesn’t affect the surgery or the rehab, but it does add a week or so to the overall process.