Dr. Neal ElAttrache helps Anthony Davis avoid surgery

The Pelicans release details from Dr. Neal ElAttrache’s medical report on injuries sustained by New Orleans Pelicans player, Anthony Davis.

SB Nation says, "In a move that is unprecedented for this organization under the ownership of Tom Benson, the Pelicans also released details from Dr. ElAttrache's medical report. The report goes into quite a bit of detail on the nature of AD's labrum tear (it is a posterior labral tear) and spells out why Davis is not undergoing a surgical response to the injury at this time. The report also details the knee procedure." Then, noting Dr. Neal ElAttrache's accomplishments, "Dr. ElAttrache has performed surgeries on Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook among many, many others. To say the reviews of his work are glowing is an understatement. As fans of this franchise, we should celebrate that Davis saw the best of the best available and the sudden transparency by the Pelicans."