Dr. Neal ElAttrache listed as a “Super Surgeon"

Sports Injuries lead writer, Will Carroll, assembles an All-Star group of sports medicine in his top 10 list of Super Surgeons which features Dr. Neal ElAttrache.

“The fact is that while these 10 physicians are stars in the sports medicine world, they are largely unknown to sports fans,” he writes. "While we all worry about the epidemic of arm injuries in baseball, it's ironic that we know so little about the men who attempt to heal those same injuries.”

Carroll explains, “A disciple of both Dr. Jobe and Dr. Yocum, Dr. Neal ElAttrache has become the go-to surgeon on the West Coast. No matter the sport or body part, Dr. ElAttrache is on the very short list of names that teams and agents call when there's a severe orthopedic injury.”