Dr. Neal ElAttrache's role in Talia Caldwell's basketball journey

Talia Caldwell tells the story of her road to the WNBA and the injury that almost defeated her, noting the role Dr. Neal ElAttrache played in her journey.

"Leaving Poland felt like a defeat," she says. "I had been there for almost three months and I hadn’t accomplish anything. All of the hard work, for what? My mom was the one to get me back on track. She was like, 'Focus! You only got one body and we’re going to take care of this.' So we reached out to Dr. Neal ElAttrache. I knew he was a big deal, but I didn’t realize just how good he was — I mean, he’s like Tom Brady good. Russell Wilson good. Kobe good. He helped all those guys return, and here he was, trying to get me back on the court."