Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Tommy John Surgery for the opening of Hall of Fame exhibit

Dr. Neal ElAttrache speaks in this video by Kerlan-Jobe, which was created for the opening of “Whole New Ballgame,” a permanent exhibit at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

The exhibit features the contributions of Dr. Frank Jobe, a beloved mentor of Dr. Neal ElAttrache, and his game-changing Tommy John Surgery. Presently, over 300 physicians across the United States and in other countries continue to perform Tommy John surgery and innovate the procedure that has helped countless players continue their careers.

“Today nearly one in four pitchers have a Tommy John operation at some point in their professional career, so the number of players aided by this operation is just astounding…As the years have gone one we’ve tried to make the procedure less and less invasive to enhance the patient's recovery… On a personal level having been trained by Frank Jobe, I am very happy and full of gratitude to the hall of fame for creating a space to honor that." – Dr. Neal ElAttrache

Watch the full video by Kerlan-Jobe featuring Dr. Neal ElAttrache by clicking on the image above.


Dr. ElAttrache has done extensive research and product development leading to US Patents for arthroscopic devices, orthopedic devices, and implants commonly used in rotator cuff, labrum, tendon, and ligament surgery.