A look at Dr. Neal ElAttrache and Tom Brady’s friendship

The Los Angeles Times looks at Dr. Neal ElAttrache and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s friendship that extends far beyond the sacrosanct physician-patient relationship. After meeting over a game of golf 15 years ago, to reconstructing the four time Super Bowl Champion’s knee in 2008, Dr. Neal ElAttrache and Tom Brady have forged a bond that goes well beyond the football field. Today, Dr. ElAttrache remains Brady’s personal doctor from 3,000 miles away.

Editor Sam Farmer quotes Brady, “‘At a pretty critical moment in my career, he was someone who was right there by my side,’ Brady recently told The Times. ‘I’m forever grateful to him and his commitment to me, and we’re lifelong friends because of that.’"

Then, referring to Dr. Neal ElAttrache's early inspiration, "Raised in Mount Pleasant, Pa., about 45 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, ElAttrache was first inspired to study medicine by his late father, Selim, a Lebanese immigrant who was the town’s orthopedic surgeon.

"That’s a long way from where ElAttrache is now, whose patients, according to various reports, include sports stars such as Kobe Bryant and Zack Greinke — in 2013, ElAttrache operated on the Lakers guard and Dodgers pitcher on the same day — Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Manny Machado and Jose Fernandez"