Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Greg Bird's shoulder recovery

Dr. Neal ElAttrache shares some of the difficulties a player may face when recovering from shoulder surgery to repair the labrum. The article uses Matt Kemp’s shoulder surgery, which was performed by Dr. ElAttrache, as an example of the kind of recovery Greg Bird may face.

The New York Daily News quotes Dr. Neal ElAttrache, "'Trying to re-establish one’s mechanics after surgery is a complex process,' the doctor said then.'“It’s extremely difficult. It involves rebuilding strength and all that goes into the swing from the front shoulder. It takes perfect mechanics to regain bat speed and the swing path. Sometimes it takes a year, sometimes more.

'A player may think he is fully recovered, especially after all the work that rehab entails, but regaining the mechanics doesn’t come easily. I’m certain there are cases where the shoulder is never exactly the same as before an injury or the gradual wearing-down process.

'It is mechanical. It can be mental. For the hitter, a shoulder injury isn’t really any different than a shoulder injury can be for a pitcher.'"