Dr. Neal ElAttrache performs McGregor surgery

"McGregor was immediately pushed into surgery where he had the operation performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache," writes the Bleacher Report. "If that name sounds familiar, he's the same doctor who handled Kobe Bryant's Achilles surgery as well as Tom Brady's knee surgery a few years ago."

"I signed with the UFC and straight away the best surgeon is brought in," McGregor is reported as saying. "The guy who worked on Kobe (Bryant), who worked on Tom Brady, the guy who worked on Georges St-Pierre. Another positive, it happened during the fight. It could have happened during training. I could have lost out on a nice paycheck. There's positives to take from it. I still got the win, I pushed through it, all the way to the end and I overcame it. I try to look at the positives as much as I can."